Crystal Chen

Building great products and the teams behind them.product leader | startups & scale-ups
ux & engineering background


Strategic Advisor @ Consumer Startup 0 to 1
Product Advisor @ Edtech Startup 0 to 1
Advisory Board VP @ International Education Foundation
Head of Product @ Edtech Startup 0 to 6-figure ARR
Product Director @ Partners: Google (Waze), Credit Karma
Fractional Product Leader @ Fintech Startup Series E, M&A
Product Manager @ Marketplace Startup Series D, Pre-IPO
Senior Software Engineer @ LinkedIn
Summer Analyst @ Private Equity Firm
Everything Intern @ Consumer Startup
Computer Science @ UC Berkeley

I work with...

Startups building their product function figure out what and who they need—scaling team and structure while executing on immediate product and growth goals.Companies struggling to 10x their product teams debug and solve skillset, mindset, process, and collaboration problems.Product people looking to grow faster build their skills strategically: specializing in product sense, decision-making, communication, collaboration, leadership, and influence.See if it's a fit →

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